Preparing a manuscript and submitting it to an academic journal can be tiring and demanding. Academic journals can return manuscripts for different reasons, one of which is the poor quality of writing.


“English is not my native language.”


“I cannot be sure if my article has a clear and flowing style.”


“I am afraid that the journal rejects my article.”

If the expressions above worry you, you are definitely in the right place. I will cooperate with you to make your article free of errors.

Zeynep Ozbilge

I hold a Bachelor of Economics degree from Istanbul University (Turkey) and a Master’s degree in European Union Economics from Marmara University (Turkey). Since I was always interested in the field of agricultural economics, I chose organic farming as my master’s thesis subject. I had the opportunity to publish my thesis in an open database in 2006. In the following years, I continued to conduct research in the same area. As a result, two of my scientific papers were published in online journals, while another one was published in a book. It was after this book that my career began as a peer reviewer. References After years of experience both as a researcher and peer reviewer, I decided to establish my own website and give service to researchers who have problems with academic writing in English.


Scientific Papers:

  • “An Analysis of Organic Agriculture in Turkey: The Current Situation and Basic Constraints” Journal of Central European Agriculture (JCEA) Volume 8, Number 2. Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Croatia. http://jcea.agr.hr/volumes.php?lang=en&search = Article%3A469
  • “An Analysis of Organic Agriculture in Turkey: The Current Situation and Basic Constraints- The Updated Version”. The book “Organic Farming- Perspectives & Experiences”. Icfai Research Centre, Icfai University, India. http://orgprints.org/16334/1/16334.pdf
  • “Chronic Problems of Turkish Farmers”. American Journal of Experimental Agriculture (AJEA) Volume 12, Issue 4. Sciencedomain.  http://orgprints.org/34300