I accept research papers and journal manuscripts which are about agricultural economics and economics.
Theoretically, you can. However, I have specialized in agricultural economics/ economics so I prefer to edit studies on these areas.
It is better if you send your study in Word because Word allows the editor to make changes directly on the paper. If your paper is in PDF form, you may either copy and paste your paper from PDF file to Word, or benefit from a free online tool to convert PDF to Word. However, you should check such an automatic conversion before sending your paper because it may cause some errors.
I need a week. However, this time period can be a bit shorter or longer depending on the length and quality of your study.
It is better for you to rename your file before uploading it. You can rename it as your surname and the date that you submit your paper for editing. Ex: If your surname is Roberts and you submit your paper on June 20, 2019, you can rename your file as; Roberts- June 20, 2019.

You will receive a quote first. I start editing your paper by the time your payment arrives. After I finish, I send you the corrections of your paper and a detailed report showing you the main problems and my recommendations for improvement.


“Editarticles” has flat-rate pricing which is calculated by word count. The word count includes the text, tables, formulas and references. You may ask about the pricing and payment options through the contact page.
If you make the corrections as shown and your paper requires surface editing, there will not be an extra cost of revision. However, if you change most of the paper by adding new parts and your paper needs heavy editing, then there will be an extra cost.

Even though a paper goes through grammar, punctuation, spelling and word choice checks, these are usually not enough. As I have come across before many times, I also check the flow of subject and correct it when necessary.

No, I do not check your content for plagiarism.
I can keep it for 60 days. However, I can keep it longer in the case that your paper requires further revisions or it will be published at a later date. If there is such a possibility, it is enough for you to mention it.

Yes, the website is protected by SSL certification. But more important than that, I never share your personal information and the content of your paper with the third parties.